Meet the winners

We’re delighted to announce our 15 winners! From each of our three regions of Latin America, Africa and Pacific Asia emerged 5 winning female founders. All of them have incredible solutions to pressing problems in the fields of health, nutrition and agriculture. Their next challenge awaits!

How did they get here?

Congratulations to our victorious female entrepreneurs! Becoming the recipient of the Bayer Foundation’s Women Empowerment Award is an incredible achievement, and we are excited to see how the 15 founders perform in the next stage. The founders come from very different places across Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America, taking very different paths to arrive here, each with a distinct perspective.

But all were chosen for their commitment to their enterprises, their vision, and their community. These characteristics are important to us because they allow these entrepreneurs to thrive, and succeed in their respective domains. As excited as we are to see them receive their awards, we are even more excited to see what comes next.






Per region

Regional winners

Our three regions have all provided incredible founders, each with a unique story.


Africa and Middle East


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